Thank you so much to all the bands, artists, sponsors, venues, volunteers, vendors and participants for making SCMF17 an absolutely amazing year. There were so many positives and the energy Downtown was so electric, that we can not wait for the next one.

That being said, we understand that there were some setbacks with regards to Sunday night at The Catalyst. We took all of Monday to collect the facts and wanted to explain what happened.

Toward the end of the night on Sunday at The Catalyst, a fight broke out in the Main Stage room. This fight pulled the energy of The Catalyst security team away from the door. When this happened, participants who had been waiting outside in the pouring rain, rushed the entrance to The Catalyst. For the safety of everyone it was necessary to close the main entrance to The Catalyst. This upset the 150+ participants outside who expected to get in. Tensions rose and the SCPD was contacted. It was then decided that the safest plan of action was to shut down the entrance to The Catalyst and the Atrium / Upstairs Stages for the remainder of the night. At the time of the fight and rushing of the door, The Catalyst was not at capacity. The Catalyst not being at capacity is why the Police allowed The Main Stage to continue until 12:00am.

We have been reading everyone’s posts and emails and will be responding individually to every single person. The Santa Cruz & Music Festival Communities are something that are extremely important to our team. We will continue to listen to everyone and work hard to have SCMF be an amazing event in the heart of Downtown Santa Cruz for years to come.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please message us on Facebook or email us at

Santa Cruz Music Festival

Photo: The Brothers Comatose at The Catalyst Club on Saturday during SCMF17 taken by Stefan Poulos Photography.

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