Our Story: Santa Cruz Music Festival


In October of 2015, over two thousand patrons, creators, and musicians took to the streets of downtown Santa Cruz, making the third iteration of our event, the Santa Cruz Music Festival, the most successful one yet. While we were pleased with the outcome, we realized that with the lessons we’ve learned and all the dedicated Santa Cruz businesses, bands, and supporters we’ve got on our side-We were now able to build the most diabolical musical extravaganza this side of the San Lorenzo, so we did.  This year we’ve upped the ante  and have planned a full-blown sonic take over of the historic downtown area, linking together 11+ downtown Santa Cruz venues for a two-day musical marathon.   Just like the past three festivals, SCMF has passionately and  carefully curated a lineup of internationally known acts as well as hard-hitting local Santa Cruz and Bay Area artists. We’ve got  more than 200+ bands, acts, and performers distributed over 15 stages inside the best and brightest downtown venues-  bringing nothing but the highest quality of  music & entertainment.  Even with this year’s hefty roster, the minds behind the festival are committed to organization, safety, and world-class production, so that everyone who comes out  will experience the historic and electric ambiance of downtown Santa Cruz like they never have before.

We are absolutely honored to announce our first wave of performers who we feel represent the level of live experience, the wide range of musical talents, and community presence that our festival seeks to expose our audience to. Without further adieu, we give you the first wave of SCMF 2017’s Performing Artists.

First Wave Headliners:


Louis The Child – In the rapidly expanding EDM industry, producer/DJ duo Louis The Child has been on the rise. Members Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett, natives of Chicago, have seen recent success with their new single “It’s Strange” and their subsequent national tour.The duo has become very popular despite their young ages — Hauldren is a freshman majoring in music industry and Kennett is still in high school. However, Louis The Child often performs in clubs they would otherwise not even be old enough to enter. In April, the duo will complete their first national tour with performances at Coachella.


Troyboi – One of South East London’s most closely guarded secrets has recently emerged from the shadows and is set to take the music industry by storm. Known only as TroyBoi, this multi-talented musician specializes in extraordinarily unique, versatile, and highly musical tracks that fuse various textures from multiple genres and brands it as ‘My Style’. TroyBoi is without a doubt one of the top up-and-coming producers in the game right now


G Jones – Rounding out the first wave of announcements is hometown hero and Santa Cruz’’s worst kept secret – G Jones. Few artist of electron genera sounds quite the same as G Jones. Site influence as Epormm, Bossnector, JD Shadow Carmack, as part as rich music community internet culture, Jones taking to the next sound a sense of fresh breath air.” The first few lines of G-Jones self penned biography not only clue you into his influences, but also his unique sense of humor and way of setting himself apart from the sea of indistinguishable personalities in the EDM world. G-Jones cut his teeth in the fiercely competitive clubs and renegades of Santa Cruz’s talent heavy  music scene, making a name for himself and following in the steps of artists like Getter and Bassnectar. Simply describing him as EDM or Trap wouldn’t do justice to the unique and entertainingly intricate sounds and samples he uses in his bass heavy, and just plain slimy tracks.  He’s a true representation of the awesomely weird side of Santa Cruz’s music scene, and is truly an act that needs to be seen to be appreciated.



The Brothers Comatose –The first group representing The Bay Area are SF darlings Brothers Comatose.  The 5-piece string band consists of two brothers, a masterful bass player, and even some mandolin.  Their sounds is a masterful combination of Americana, classic rock, and bluegrass that  all adds up to an electrifyingly old school live performance- with some contemporary flavor.



Santa Cruz Music Festival 2017 Features:

A two-day, multi-venue festival located in Historic Downtown Santa Cruz.

Both Paid (Wristband Required) & Free (Public Events) Events.

12:00pm – 1:00am on Saturday and Sunday , February 18th and 19th 2017

Over 150+ hours of entertainment packed into Two days

12+ venues, 15+ stages of music and entertainment, all within walking distance.

250+ bands, DJ’s and artists.

Interactive art walks brought to you by Made Fresh Collective

Located 1 mile away from the Historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Genres range from Rock, Indie, Reggae, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Metal and every sound in between.

Venues include The Catalyst Club , Motiv, The Blue Lagoon, Woodstock’s Pizza , Streetlight Records , The Poet & The Patriot, Rosie McCann’s, 99 Bottles, The Food Lounge, Felix Kulpa Gallery

SCMF Panel Discussion – Topics: State of Santa Cruz, Sustainability, Music Industry, Cannabis

Stay tuned for upcoming artist and feature announcements, as well as ticket giveaways, videos and more.

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2015 Event

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

10 Venues / 14 Stages / 1 Day

Artists: RJD2 • G Jones • Delhi 2 Dublin • Prof • Pep Love • Mikey Lion • Lee Reynolds • ChrisB. • Lafa Taylor • Eliquate • The Coffis Brothers • Labrat • psymbionic • boostive • ancestree • The Redlight District • GRMLN • Shlump • Coffee Zombie Collective • Planet Booty • Mihkal • Indaskyes • AB.CLU • Strawberry Girls • Stereo Stereo • Tech Minds • The Frogman Experience • Smasheltooth • Pirate • Little John • Drop Bear • TV Broken 3rd Eye Open • Magic Bronson • Beach Fuzz • Desmadre • Hella Deer • Downsquarez • Babewatch • Palmz • Stalked by Satellites • Stormy Strong • Jake Nielsen’s Triple Threat • Jermz • Sincere • Ghambit • Scorpz the Venom • Cambiowashere • Giant • Tektite • Pure Powers • Duffrey • Intellitard • Dastardly • Light the Band • djdj • sethascope • D Majik • Sinclair Wheeler • Al Bundi • Numerous • Equal Eye • Daddy Long Legs • Elliot Wright • Grizzly • PVNDITS • Steven Graves • Soulwise • Just Chill • Lowgritt • Stony • Head Soar • Gregg James • El Hefe Rojo • Aphotic • Kasia Moon • Lyrical I • Uce Hefner • Lucxke • Dilated • O’Snap • Tooth • New Diplomat • Citabria • Bangus Tron • Night Dive • The Sea Wolves • 3upFront • Adult School • Dickless Juli • Oh Bears • The Randy Savages • Hologram Sun • Moonbeau • Tony Tricks • Nerves • Surf Combat • Fernando Viciconte • Parasitic Ejaculation • The Bad Light • Worship • Mountain Tamer • Leucrota • Fountain of Bile • Stone Sloth • A Thousand Shall Fall • Drain • Satan’s Blade • Androyd • The Bearded Pony • Kenyatte • Pyromids • Arrows • The Valerias • Coastal Sage • Leo Leo • Andy Perlich & Friends • Midnight Thieves • The Jolly Llamas • Abalone Grey • Getaway Dogs • Joe Kaplow • Phil Armstrong • Zipse • DJ Inky • DJ Dren • BEARHUGS • Necronomijohn • AABO • Chops Junkie • Dane Jouras • Blaptist • Big Delight • Nova • Lee Earl • El Pasty Guero • White Tiger

Venues: The Catalyst Club • MOTIV • The Blue Lagoon • The 418 Project • The Reef Bar & Restaurant + Pono Hawaiian Grill • Woodstock’s Pizza Santa Cruz • Streetlight Records-Santa Cruz • The Poet And The Patriot • Cafe Mare • Felix Kulpa Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Live Art: Made Fresh Collective

Supported By: The Lemon Tree • Euphoric.Net • Good Times Santa Cruz • Angelo Shermann • Berdels • Clutch Couriers • Coastal Watershed Council

2014 Event

Friday, October 10th, 2014 & Saturday, October 11th, 2014

1 Venue / 3 Stages / 2 Day

Artists: Far East Movement, THE GASLAMP KILLER, Dimond Saints, Two Fresh, Gladkill, ill-ēsha, Thriftworks, VibeSquaD, Starkey, Lafa Taylor, NICO LUMINOUS, Vokab Kompany, TastyTreat, Tree, El Papachango, Smasheltooth, Little John the DJ, The Pirate, Gudada, Hypha, LabRat, Tektite, Wu Wei, Stridah, Northstar, Androyd, Daddy Long Legs, Soulchild, DownsquareZ, Zaggasaurus, Miss Cooper & Her Pet Craigslist Hookup, Duffrey, Magellan, 2birds, Krakinov, Intellitard, Dastardly, KR3TURE, Necronomijohn, LUCXKE, Tiger Fresh, D Majik, Numerous

Venue: The Catalyst Club

Live Art: Made Fresh Collective

Supported By: Euphoric Styles, Good Times, Raindance, Santa Cruz Waves (SC Waves), Northern Nights Music Festival


2013 Event

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

7 Venues /11 Stages / 1 Day

Artists: Emanciptor, The Coup, Minnesota, Geographer, Sage Francis, Buddy Wakefield, Getter, Pumpkin, Midi Matilda, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Big Black Delta, John Beaver, Eliquate, Pirate+Smasheltooth, The Coffis Brothers, Tess Dunn, Ancestree, Little John, Forrest Day, SAM F, The Trims, The McCoy Tyler Band, Rudebrat, Tater Famine, Clark Kent, Pounders, ToneSol, GUR, Insightful, DROP BEAR, Moon Cadillac, Dane Jouras, The Redlight District, Jesus and the Rabbis, Dewey and the Peoples, Ruby Sparks, Rec League, Solwave, Zaggasaurus, Lucxke, Planet Booty, Rubber Legs+DJ Hersh, Vultures At Arms Reach, divaDanielle, Magic Bronson, Echo Street, 3UPFRONT, Rick Wareheimer, Arden Park Roots, A-Fox, Them Guns, Justin Weisberg, DJ Rob Monroy, Brothers Amor, Homeless, Dysphunctional Species, My Satellite, Jack Rabbit Stew, Daddy Long Legs, Deep Ellum, Temple of Europa, Scissors for Lefty, Equal Eye, The Gutz, Numerous, Stormy Strong, William Blake, Almost Chaos, Earnest, Mr. Vos, Peach Street, Kevin Holmes, Sarah Mays, Multiple Organisms, The Saint Ides, Nic Alea, Flowerbox Music, Zack Ruskin, DJ Fix-It, Alwa Gordon, The Native Sibling, Dun Bin Had, Elliot Wright.

Comedians Showcase:
Cory Robinson, Lucia Tuman, Mac Walker, Cosmo Stevens, Rachele Friedland, Scott Blacks, Chad Opitz, DNA, Brendan Lynch, & Michael Mancini.

Spoken Word Showcase:
Buddy Wakefield, Sage Francis, Boots Riley, Elliot Wright, Kevin Holmes, Nic Alea, Zack Ruskin, & Homeless.

Venues: The Catalyst Club, Motiv, The Blue Lagoon, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Rosie McCann’s, Streetlight Records, & Woodstock’s Pizza

Live Art: Made Fresh Collective

Supported By: Good Times