Roboticgypsy Live Performance in the Atrium of The Catalyst Club Catch our official set Feb 18 Saturday 11:15pm. Live performance visuals Saturday and Sunday with NICO LUMINOUS, CloZee, PartyWave & more through out the weekend. Zelenika & Fire Geisha Performance Art will be making a speical appearance as Czarot with RoboticGypsy Entertainment on Sunday ! Roboticgypsy RoboticGypsy Entertainment girls provide a unique fusion of passionate performance art; we combine various styles of dance and creative expression. Each dancer adding something a little different and uniting our tribe as there own entity, to combine and create beautiful collaborations and diversity! We are dance goddesses a combination of urban magic. We are the dark and the light, the past and the future, warriors through movement. We come together to create unique dance productions to inspire, heal and connect to our world. Dance is our language. Robotic Gypsy Entertainment is a group of talented dancers from Santa Cruz, CA, who have come together to create a movement through dance. Each dancer contributes a unique style to the choreography, creating an inspiring production. This dance team specializes in a fusion of urban hip hop choreography, freestyle performances, hoop dance, belly dance, storytelling art, Modern/Contemporary, object manipulation, fire dance and improvisation skills. The diversity of the group has cultivated a creative and transformative environment in which we all have flourished, contributed and beautifully created different movements. RoboticGypsy Ent, aims to create a movement through dance as a means of inspiring others to manifest their goals and reach their potential. They are dedicated to each other, rehearsals and their audience so that they can express themselves through their creation of dance and inspire the world around them. It is their hope that their love and passion of dance is shown through their performances and they are determined to bring high quality entertainment to social events, music festivals, individual artists, parties, gatherings, meetings, and humanity in general. Zelenika Sara Zelenika is a California based performer originally from Bosnia. She is a solo dancer with background in Hip-Hop, Popping, Theater, & Traditional Buddhist Temple dance. Sara brings thought-provoking, inspiring, emotive pieces of art to the audience.Her pieces are “unforgettable” , unique , and moving. Sara is currently teamed up with Zach Krausnick (Virtual Reality developer) creating VR music videos, and projection mapped performances under their project named Vezika. Sara has performed with artists such as Troyboi,Eprom, CloZee, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, PantyRaid, Thriftworks, Dimond Saints, Sorne, and many more. Fire Geisha Fire Geisha combines ancestral knowledge with modern expression to weave imaginative, visceral sagas through movement ➡️ Czarot (duo project) CZAROT (zAH-rOe) is a multicultural performance art duo, who fuse archaic tradtion with modern mischief. Storytelling, ritual theatre, liquid fusion. Two days of live shows,artists,performances,speeches, comedy acts,DJs,and vendors through out downtown Santa Cruz all day. DETAILS : Santa Cruz Music Festival 2017.