Santa Cruz Speaks 2018 at SCMF

Saturday, March 10th 

Interactive Forums: Sustainability, Technology, State of Santa Cruz, Music

12-6pm at Cruzio

Cannabis Culture: Cultivation, Marketing, Science, and more.

12-6pm at Kemitian Lounge

Stay tuned for Individual speaker announcements.

Interactive Forms 

Sustainability – 12-1:00pm 

Laurie Egan – Coastal Watershed Council

Josh Carmichael – Land Use Consulting & Design

Tim Galarneau – Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems

Tawn Kennedy – Bike Santa Cruz County

State of Santa Cruz – 1:15-2:15pm

Jeanne Howard- Good Times Santa Cruz

Bernadette Cruz – Monterey Bay Internships

Ian Harriman – Bounce Back To Work

Greg Pensinger – Downtown Streets Team

Music production demo with Ableton Live 10 – 2:30-3:00pm

From Indigital Recording Studios.

Music – 3:15-4:15pm 

Will Kreiser – Indigital Recording Studios

Thomas Cussins – The Catalyst Club

Elliot Wright – Eliquate

Joe Solo – Music Career Success

Jennifer Gallacher – Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios

Technology – 4:30-5:30pm 

Stefan Aronson – Balanced Breakfast

Peggy Dolgenos – Cruzio Internet Fiber Network

Aliza Hava – Musician’s BASS( Business Administration Software for Success)

Diane Cowen – SoundSwell (SC Public Libraries)