Alex Abreu Taking Over SCMF

Santa Cruz Music Festival is right around the corner! Venues and businesses downtown will be filled with all sorts of music and humans from all over.  This is a treasured weekend in Santa Cruz, when we get to enjoy some of our favorite artists, right in our backyard. All the lineups over the years have been amazing, but this year is stacked on a different level.  With so many places to go and artists to see, it can get a little overwhelming, (in a good way though, who doesn’t want tons of great music to choose from?)  But I hope I can help ease your mind a little bit and give you an artist I definitely recommend choosing from this year: Alex Abreu. Alex Abreu Taking Over SCMF.

Alex started finding his passion for music at a young age out in Arizona, and delved into it even deeper when he moved out here to Santa Cruz, California. His jazzy, reggae style fit perfectly here, and over the years has helped him to make his mark in the music scene.  Alex is an absolutely exceptional guitar player, with a smooth and sweet voice to match. He knows exactly how to match his vocals and his melodies to create beautiful music. So, if 99 Bottles is on your list of venues for this year’s SCMF, and even if it isn’t, I HIGHLY recommend adding Alex Abreu to your setlist. Cannot wait for next weekend!!

Check out Alex’s track “All We Know” on his album All of the Above or peep his Youtube channel for more